What is the Best Value Resort?

What is the Best Value Resort?


Disney World value resorts function as the “get-in” price for staying on-property. They offer the lowest price point for access to the benefits of staying at a Disney-owned resort.

It’s not hard to distinguish between a value resort and the other categories of Disney resorts. They all feature larger-than-life exterior icons (e.g. over-sized Disney characters / icons) and the smallest rooms on property.

While some folks may look down their nose at this resort category, we think they more than serve their purpose and are a good option given the right circumstance (e.g. smaller family, shorter trips, etc.).

Contenders for best value resort include: Art of Animation, Pop Century, All-Star Sports, All-Star Music, and All-Star Movies.

Expert Answer

A consensus of experts surveyed (65%) conclude:

Pop Century is the best value resort on property.

They praise the resort’s colorful / playful themes, recently updated rooms, transportation options (e.g. dedicated bus service and upcoming Skyliner gondolas), and food court variety.


Rooms at Pop Century are all recently remodeled as of 2018. Needless to say, this renovation puts Pop Century a giant step above the rooms at the All-Stars.


The price-point, transportation, and new room design make this resort our #1 choice out of all the Value resorts. 


Pop Century definitely feels more updated than the All-Stars and provides a more affordable option than Art of Animation

[Pop Century] has several advantages compared with the All-Star resorts. It is newer, so there has been less wear-and-tear on everything. The decor of the public areas at Pop Century is a bit more up-to-date and the room decor is less glaring


Disney’s Pop Century Resort impressed me... I’d happily stay there again with up to three people. I can’t say that about the All-Stars Resort or even Art of Animation’s Little Mermaid rooms.


The price-point, transportation, and new room design make this resort our #1 choice out of all the Value resorts.

A decidedly smaller group (25%) of experts conclude Art of Animation is the best value resort on property.  They cite the resort’s more updated / upscale environment when compared to other value resorts.


When it comes to rooms, the Little Mermaid rooms fall short of [Pop Century]. However, the common areas make Art of Animation winners among families.


Despite the competition, Disney’s Art of Animation Resort snagged our no. 1 spot, hands-down. We give Art of Animation our no. 1 ranking because of the well-appointed Family Suites.


The Art of Animation Resort is the newest of the value resorts and it tops our list at number one. Considering this is a value resort, Disney went above and beyond on the theming you can find here. Answer

One lone expert (10%) concludes All-Star Movies is the best value resort on property.


Until the Skyliner is operational (more below), rooms are the factor we weight most in comparing the value resorts. Hence we see Movies as the best option given its low price and improved rooms.

Our Answer

We think the 65% of experts who answered Pop Century got this one correct.  

Pop Century is one of our favorite resorts at Disney World. While we like the (much needed) recently-updated rooms, the biggest selling point for us is Everything Pop – the resort’s combo gift shop / dining area. We love whole vibe (smell and all). There’s always a good variety of food options and, with the layout of the resort, it’s easy to access regardless of what building location you end up in. 

In comparing to the other value options, the vertical layout of the All-Star resorts and forever-stuck-in-the-90s feeling we get there are a big turn-off for us. On Art of Animation, we’re not crazy about the theme and location of the Little Mermaid standard rooms and the suites are a little bit out of our price range. 

Your Answer

Have you stayed at a Disney value resort? Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the poll below. Also, let us know what that particular value resort is your favorite in the comments section.  

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