Choosing a Disney vacation (Part 2)

Port Canaveral circa 1912 What Disney vacation to take.
Port Canaveral circa 1912

As the conclusion of our last post, we decided to eliminate Disneyland as a destination for our fall 2019 trip. It ultimately came down to spending 5 – 8 travel hours in a confined space of a plane with a 1 year old baby (twice) didn’t sound like our idea of fun. Now we move forward to part two or what Disney vacation to take.

Same deal, different transport

What happens if we expand that confined space to the size of a boat (a rather large boat to be fair….ok maybe a ship, not a boat) and extend that time to 3 – 4 days? What if we throw in a the possibility of a little seasickness? Maybe a little dysentery? Maybe a little zero access to a pediatrician on the open sea?

If you haven’t guessed this so far, little baby seems to be driving most of the decisions on this trip. Sorry…that’s just how it is at this point in our lives. It was the same way with our first. If you’re parents, you know this is the drill.

Point is, like the plane, I’m not sure I can be stuck at sea in a (relatively) small room with a 1 year old. Especially if things don’t go as planned (see potential maladies in paragraph 2). This coming from someone who intimately knows the joys of a Disney Cruise. That should give you some idea as to how nervous going with baby Ben would make me….enough not to want to go.

So…What Disney Vacation to Take?

Like Disneyland, we’ll go knee deep in the detail of cruising when that trip makes more sense for us. I suspect it’ll make more sense for us (for a proximity convenience perspective) even before a Disneyland trip does. If you really wanted us to choose DCL, throw some funds at our GoFundMe account and I’ll consider it.

So we’re down to a WDW trip this fall. Like I mentioned, it’ll be nearly two years since our last trip down to Central Florida and Benjamin’s first trip…so I think that makes a lot of sense as far as what Disney vacation to take. Next post, we’ll start nailing down dates.

What do you think of our decision? Disneyland is definitely out, but should we reconsider a cruise? Let us know in the comments below!

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