Understanding My Disney Planning

My Disney Planning overview. Dumbo The Flying Elephant - Magic Kingdom Park.
Dumbo The Flying Elephant – Magic Kingdom Park

Hello there. Hi. I’m Aaron. Creator of the once popular Disney news blog Disney Report and theme park fan since slightly before birth. I’m here to give you an overview of my newest blog, My Disney Planning.

My Disney Planning Overview

Over the last 15 years or so I’ve spent countless hours traversing Disney fan sites, blogs, groups, forums, etc. in prep for (too many to count) Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and Disney Cruise trips. If you’ve done the same, you know there’s no shortage of Disney vacation content.

Not so fast my friend…

In fact, you might say there’s too much content. Even the most minor of changes at the parks receive full blown coverage from every Disney social media outlet in existence. Couple this with the rate of change in the parks and the most seasoned of planners can have a hard time keeping everything straight. I keep a close eye on all things park news and even I couldn’t tell you what dole whip flavors are currently being served at the Sunshine Tree Terrace…or if Dole Whips are even still available at that location.

Taking a step back…

For this reason, we’re simplifying things here at My Disney Planning.

We’re booking a family Disney vacation (World, Land, or Cruise) and taking you along for the planning. We’ll systematically go top to bottom. Real budget. Real time constraints. Contrived conflict. You might say My Disney Planning is where people stop being polite…and start getting real. You might also say My Disney Planning is where I come to get my share of 90’s television references.

Teaching how to fish…

For those of you thinking this blog is a glorified trip report…how dare you. My Disney Planning is essentially a “how to do” rather than a “what to do” blog. Follow along and I promise you’ll learn the best approach to Disney vacation planning…what resources to use, which ones to ignore, etc. You’ll be there for the decisions and the outcomes…good and bad. You’ll also be there as we analyze and adjust to breaking Disney news that affects our planning along the way.

The Cast

As expected, family is a huge driver behind the vacation planning decisions. Since you’ll be along for the ride, you should probably meet mine. At present, I have one wife, Ashley (teacher), and two children, Ben and Lorelai (of Gilmore Girls fame). Ashley and I have been married around 12 years. Lorelai is six and Ben is six…months. We live in Alabama (roll tide).

While not planned, we’ve grown into that weird prototypical Disney family that seemingly no one can understand (you know, the family who only takes Disney vacations and does so in shorter than reasonable intervals). I blame myself as Ashley had sense enough to put up some resistance in our early days of vacationing to Orlando. She has since given in.

I have drawn the line at affixing any Disney stickers to the rear window of our CR-V.

It takes an online fan community

Surprisingly, we don’t know it all when it comes to Disney vacation planning. We know 99.9999%, but we need you to close that .0001% gap for us by leaving us comments. Comment. Don’t comment until it hurts. Comment until it feels good. We won’t always feel amazing about our planning decisions and and will absolutely need your input.

What’s Next?

We hope this gives you a general overview of the past, purpose, plans, and the folks behind the blog. As we go forward, I’ll begin to reveal the details of our blog “kick-off” trip in my next post. For now, subscribe below so we can keep you up-to-date on the blog and occasionally spam your inbox with free iPhone offers.

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