What is My Disney Planning?

What is My Disney Planning?

Sometimes you just need an answer

Sometimes getting an “answer”  in the world of Disney vacation planning is harder than it appears on the surface. 

For every simple question like “How do I book a FastPass?” there are a myriad of complicated questions like “What is the best burger spot in Magic Kingdom?” or What is the best value resort?” Answers to those questions vary wildly as a result of their highly opinionated and situational nature. 

However simple or complicated the question though, we know my folks, like yourself,  just need an answer. 

Our approach

This is where our approach differs from everyone else.

My Disney Planning give you expert answers to complicated Disney vacation planning questions by way of aggregation. We compile answers from a variety of quality Disney vacation resources to form a consensus answer you can trust. 

If we hit a question lacking consensus, we’ll mix in some of our experience-based opinions to guide

Simple is better

With My Disney Planning, you won’t have to dig through to find an answer.

We’ll give you the best answer available right off the top and supplement with quick answer summaries from our compiled resources. 

From there, we’ll conclude each post with our quick take on whether or not the experts got it right.

My Disney Planning

With all of the resources available, Disney vacation planning can become complicated. We hope My Disney Planning can help simplify things a bit and get you on to your next Disney vacation. Which is what it’s all about….right?


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