Examining our vacation parameters

Baby Ben – Artist rendition

As we begin planning for this upcoming trip, you should about our family Disney vacation status. More specifically, you should know my family is in a major Disney vacation drought.

Our last Disney trip was way back in November of 2017. That’s 2017. Like more than a year ago. Before you jump ship, however, remember that I mentioned in this post that we have six month old Ben. Ben is reason the primary reason we didn’t book a Disney vacation in 2018. Honestly though, his cuteness factor almost outweighs this (admittedly major) drawback.

We knew when we decided to have Ben it would be a minimum of one year and nine months between Disney trips. Disney and pregnancy, despite what you hear, is not really an ideal thing. This coming from the family that took our first child, Lorelai, in the womb three times. We must be getting old because, looking back, we really can’t believe we did that.

With that self-imposed restriction, we immediately incur a nine month trip hiatus. Because the earliest we’ll consider taking Ben is when he turns one year old, we then have to add a year to the hiatus. This is mostly a practical decision as he’ll be finished with bottles, able to walk, and up-to-date on his year one shots….the bottle thing being a big hassle that we won’t have to deal with. We did the same with Lorelai and had a great trip. That said, the Disney Family blog has a different take (go figure).

So now you know that family’s current Disney vacation status. All of that said, it’s really only worth knowing to get some context behind our booking window not opening until the the latter half of 2019. I’ll expound on this a little more in a future post.

Bonus: One interesting note about Ben, it’s possible his origins can be traced back to Thanksgiving week 2017, Coronado Springs, Cabana 8A, room 117 if you’re interested. And why wouldn’t you be?

So what about you? What is your family’s current Disney vacation status? Has it been a while since you last visited WDW, Disneyland, or cruised with DCL? Reason(s)? Let us know in the comments below. Everyone has there own very specific situation and we’d be interested in hearing yours.

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