Factoring in Star Wars

Me reading announcemnt on Twitter. Factoring in Star Wars.
Me reading announcement on Twitter

As we finished our last post, we had (tentatively) decided to go to WDW on Labor Day Weekend. Funnily enough, I even didn’t even think about factoring Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge into the analysis at the time as I had zero expectation the land would be open.

Factoring in Star Wars…

Since then, an inside source gave us word that Galaxy’s Edge will partially open 8/29 at Hollywood Studios. Rise of the Resistance, the more major of the two attractions in the new land, will open at a later date…presumably by end of the year. For now, only Smugglers Run (Millennium Falcon simulator) will open on 8/29.

Strategy? What strategy?

So what is the strategy behind the staggered opening? I suspect some economies of scale (same Disneyland / Disney World build) has resulted in sooner than expected construction completion and presented Disney with an unanticipated opportunity. Disney will get a PR bump with each phased opening and have a chance to potentially blunt initial demand to a more manageable level. I suspect there are other elements of the land that will open with Rise of Resistance making phase 2 as big an opening as phase 1. While this seems like sound logic, I’m not sure the demand blunt will play out as expected. It could be that we see the same inital demand, but the available capacity of only one attraction.

On the Gound Reporting…

The good / bad news is, we’ll get an answer on this first hand. My first reaction upon seeing the news on Twitter yesterday was shock, then disgust, then laughter, then optimism. I realized, despite that added stress it will inevitably bring, this a great trip for the blog kick-off. It definitely won’t be our standard Labor Day Weekend WDW trip and will add quite a twist to our typical planning process. I’m skeptical, however, that our years of planning experience will be any match for the craziness we’ll encounter. Guess we’ll see.

So we’re set!

The Johnston family is going to WDW for the (phase 1) opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening at Hollywood Studios this fall. I mentioned previously that we had already booked a placeholder package for these dates that includes free dining and a stay at the very definition of luxury – Disney’s Pop Century resort.

Erase and Rewind

In between news and other upcoming decision posts, I’ll do some rewind posts to walk you through how we made those early decisions. We’ll need to revisit the booked free dining package anyway to make sure it’s still our best option (spoiler alert: It almost never is). However, factoring in Star Wars, I’m assuming resort availability has shrunk significantly for these dates since yesterday’s announcement….so it may be our best option in this case. I also booked a few dining reservations at our 180 day mark that we’ll need to take a look at. While no one knows for sure what we’ll see or do, I do know it will be quite an adventure—an adventure that we’ll take and make together. See you in a future….post.

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